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Replacing a garage door

If your garage door has stopped working properly, then it is the right time to replace it with a new one. However, shopping for a new garage door is not really an easy process. This is where our experts come to the rescue. They can tell you which type of garage door best suits your home.

Having contemporary doors

If you have a house with a modern design, then it must include a contemporary garage door. Get a door that complements the clean lines and high-tech materials of your home. It must be a door with some tempered glass panels that may be tinted, clear or frosted. A door encased in painted aluminum frames is a popular choice.

Resolve garage door light failure

If the garage door light does not work, the common cause is bulb failure. In this case, replace the light bulb with a new one. However, if it is caused by more complex issues like circuit board failure and dead socket, contact our technicians in Saddle River to get this checked and repaired.

Clean the moving metal parts before applying lubricant

You need to use appropriate solvent which is perfectly safe. Apply it carefully with soft lint-free cloth or brush without touching the components directly. Follow the directions of the manufacturer strictly. The professionals of Garage Door Repair Saddle River explain that the parts must be perfectly free from grease and dirt before lubrication.

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