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Do I have to use locks on automatic garage doors?

All garage doors have automatic door openers installed. So that means you don’t have to use traditional locks for support. Electronic door locks are enough to restrict intruders from the outside. Only consider using locks when you don’t have electronic door opener, otherwise, this may cause damage to your door.

Can my garage door be painted?

Most of the residential garage doors can be painted according to the color theme of your house, while commercial garage doors are most likely to be powder coated. Manufacturers and garage door dealers offer up to 200 different powder coated colors to match and blend in with the color of your building or facility. For instructions on painting, you may ask our experts for help.

Why there are two extension springs?

Extension springs counterbalance the door's weight. Their power is actually equivalent with the weight of the door and split in between the two springs. If the door weighs 400 pounds, each spring would have power for 200 pounds. This way, they move the door with equal power on both sides and the door is balanced.

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